Notes to Contributors

1. Typescripts should be word-processed, double spaced and printed on one side of the page only. Ample margins should be left. The typescript should be printed on a good quality laser or inkjet printer.

2. The typescript should always be presented on disk as well as in hard copy. NB. The disk must exactly match the hard copy. Please write clearly on the disk or on a separate piece of paper the type of software used and the name of the files in which the text and notes are stored.

Please virus check your disk before submitting it.

3. In the case of articles, an abstract of a maximum of 200 words should be submitted with the contribution. This will appear on the journal's website if the article is published. With all contributions, a list of up to 10 keywords should be submitted, which encapsulate the principal subjects covered by the paper.

4. Contributor's autobiographical details should appear as the first footnote of each contribution, marked with the asterisk symbol, and include the name, position, and institutional affiliation for each author. Thereafter, footnotes should be numerical, starting with number 1. If there are no footnotes then the affiliation will be printed at the foot of the first page and will be denoted by an asterisk.

5. Footnotes should be double spaced and numbered consecutively.

6. Quotations should be put in quotation marks (double inverted commas). A quotation within a quoted passage should be within single inverted commas. Latin phrases should be italicised.

7. Headings should follow the system adopted in the journal i.e. there should be no more than three levels of heading: main headings, sub headings and sub-sub headings.

8. Cross-referencing should be kept as precise and clear as possible. Cross-references to pages are not permitted. "Supra" and "infra" is preferred to "above" and "below" though either will do e.g.: "supra n. 33", or "above, text at part 1(a) and accompanying notes". " Ante", "loc.cit", "post" and "op.cit" are not permitted. "Ibid" is permitted as long as it refers to the immediately preceding note.

9. Citation of Sources should always appear in footnotes. The first reference within an article should always be given in full. Thereafter it may be shortened.

Books should be cited as follows: M. Hunt, Using Human Rights Law in English Courts (Oxford, Hart Publishing, 1997). Essays published in edited volumes should be cited as follows: P.S. Atiyah, "Personal Injuries in the Twenty-First Century: Thinking the Unthinkable" in P. Birks (ed), Wrongs and Remedies in the Twenty-First Century (Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1996). Essays published in periodicals should be cited as follows: S. Whittaker, "Privity of Contract and the Tort of Negligence: Future Directions" (1996) 16 Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 191, 193 or A.E. Bottoms, "Crime Prevention Facing the 1990s" (1990) 1 Policing and Society 3.

10. It is a condition of publication that authors assign copyright to Hart Publishing. This ensures that requests from third parties to reproduce articles can be efficiently and consistently handled. After assigning copyright authors may still use their own copyright materials in other publications provided that the journal is acknowledged as the original place of publication and Hart Publishing is notified in advance.

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