General Information

Q. Which journals are available online?

A. All of Hart Publishing's journals are available online. Institutional and individual subscribers automatically qualify for online access to the journals to which they subscribe.

Q. Which years are available in full text?

A. All of our journals' articles have been digitized, In most cases since 2000, but it varies.

Q: How long is the subscription period?

A: Online access, as print subscriptions, is entered on calendar year basis running from January to December.

Q. Can we subscribe to the electronic version only?

A. At present, e-only access is not available.

Q: I want access to one article or one issue only. How do I do this?

A: If you do not hold a subscription to a particular journal title then you may order single articles or issues online via pay-per-view service.

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

A: Please go to our download details about how to pay Hart Publishing.

Q: Is there a 'grace period' for electronic access or do we get 'switched off' on December 31st of the current license period?

A: We understand that renewal negotiations can sometimes be complex and lengthy and we ensure (within reasonable limits) that online access is available during this time.

How do I get full access to Electronic Journals?

Q. What do I need to access our Electronic Journals?

A. You will need:

All our journals' abstracts and tables of content are freely available to all.

To access the full-text of our journals, you must be located at an institution that subscribes.

Your librarian must first register for online access. Institutional users will also be able to access remotely (from home) with a username and password.

Q. How do I register?

A. The Registration Form is available online; alternatively, you or your librarian can contact Customer Services at Full details of Hart Publishing titles, prices and subscription information are available on this Web site.

Q. Do I need a Network License?

A. If you are currently networking or wish to network your electronic resources between different sites and libraries within your organization, then you may require a Network License.

Q. Can I use proxy servers to access Electronic Journals?

A. Using a proxy server can cause problems when you try to access the service. We recommend that you do not use proxies.

To configure your browser so that it will not use proxies, open the Network Preferences from the Options menu and select "No Proxies".

If you have any difficulties configuring your browser, please contact Customer Services at

Q. How do I know if my institution is registered for access to Hart Publishing's Electronic Journals?

A. You will be able to download articles of journals for which you have a subscriptions.

Q. What happens to backissue access once my current license agreement expires?

A. You will continue to have access to issues you subscribed for in the past.

Troubleshoot common access problems

Q. I am a librarian and I need to change the IP address details that Hart Publishing has registered for my institution. Can I do this myself?

A: No you will need to contact Hart Journals customer services with new details of your IP addresse(s).

Q. My institution has a subscription to this Journal, and access to the web site, but I'm not able to see the full text of articles. I'm prompted for a username and password. Why is this happening?

A: When this happens, the IP address for your machine is not being recognized by our computer.

This failure is caused by one of three things:

  1. Your institutional subscription has not yet been activated
  2. The person who "activated" the online subscription did not enter in all needed IP addresses for your institution
  3. The person who "activated" the online subscription does not realize that some subnets of your institution are routed through a proxy server

You should talk to your librarian, and let them know you are having problems.

Usernames and passwords

Q. Do I need a username and password to access Electronic Journals?

A. Only if you are either a pay per view user who wishes to download an article or an IP subscriber who wants to download an article at home.

Q. What happens to my registration details?

A. The information that you supply is stored in a registration database under the rules of the Data Protection Act . We may contact you about other Hart Publishing products and services (unless you have asked us not to do so).

Q. What if my username and password stop working?

A. Username and Passwords are case sensitive (i.e. 'john', 'John' and 'JOHN' are treated as different words). If your CAPS LOCK key is on, you may have problems typing your password correctly. Alternatively, it may be that someone has tried to use the username and password to access the journals illegally.

Contact for assistance.

Q. What should I do if I have lost or forgotten my username and password?

A. There is a password reminder facility at the point of logging in. It requires the username, if this is forgotten you will need to contact Hart customer services

Q. How can I change my user details and/or password?

A. You can change your user details and/or password from the User Administration page. You will need to login first using a password and username that were created during the registration process.

Q. When I enter my username and password I receive a message saying that it is invalid. Why?

A: Both username and password are case sensitive. Be sure that you are entering them correctly. If you would like to have them verified, contact us with your subscriber number and your username and password to, and it will be emailed to you.

Q. I am missing an issue. How can I get hold of a copy?

A: We will replace missing issues free of charge if your claim is made within six months of publication or date of order (whichever is later). Link to our claim form. If you claim outside of this time limit you will be charged the current single issue rate.

Downloading and printing articles

Q. How do copyright and fair use apply to Electronic Journals?

A. You should approach Fair Use in the same way as you would for Hart Publishing's print journals.

You may keep a print or electronic copy of an article for your own study.

Please do not make them available on Web, gopher or ftp sites.

Please do not e-mail them.

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