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The European Law Reports, compiled and edited by a team of specialist European lawyers headed by David Vaughan QC, are unique.

The European Law Reports report the most important judgments involving issues of European Community law decided by national courts and tribunals in the UK and Ireland. These cases represent a crucial body of law in a wide range of commercial and public law matters, which no one practicing in any field where Community law arises can afford to be without. It is particularly strong in competition cases.

The majority of cases reported in the European Law Reports are not reported elsewhere and are regularly cited in judgments of the higher courts.

In 2002 the EuLRs reported 32 cases, of which 40% were not reported elsewhere

Of over 60 cases reported in EuLRs in 2001 and 2002, 50% have not been reported elsewhere

In a fully developed Community legal sytem, many of the most important cases will be decided by the national courts, with only exceptional cases being referred to the Court of Justice for a preliminary ruling. Already the extensive case law of the Court of Justice (some 4500 Judgements including over 3200 in preliminary references) provides sufficient information to enable national courts to decide for themselves with a high degree of confidence many cases without the need for a reference. This tendency, which grows as the confidence and experience of the judiciary increases, will be further enhanced as the reporting of Community law cases in the national courts improves.

Hence the importance of these law reports.

Hitherto many interesting and important Judgements in such cases have been ignored or only reported belatedly. Cases which ought to have been reported have remained unknown, and unavailable to those who ought to have know about them.

Since 1997 these reports have filled this vital gap, bringing together the most significant national decisions on issues of Community law decided by the Courts and tribunals of England and Wales, of Scotland, of Northern Ireland, and of Ireland, so that they may be made more readily available to those with and interest in Community law.

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