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Hart Publishing launched the European Competition Journal in spring 2005. We invite papers for this scholarly, peer-reviewed publication of original articles and analysis of current developments in competition law. The Journal is designed to complement and augment the existing literature with a special focus on European developments. Topics include:

  • Vertical and Conglomerate Mergers
  • Enlargement of the Union - the ramifications for Competition Policy
  • Unilateral and Coordinated Effects in Merger Control
  • Modernisation of European Competition law
  • Cartels and Leniency
  • Article 82- restatement or evolution?

There are three to four scholarly articles of 8-10,000 words with footnotes per issue and we welcome articles from scholars writing in English about developments in all European jurisdictions. We also welcome shorter articles or analysis from anywhere in the world, including analysis of new legislation, and lengthy review articles dealing with significant new publications.

ECJ is published twice a year, appearing in the spring and autumn.

Authors should submit their papers to either:

Dr Philip Marsden

Director, The Competition Law Forum

British Institute of International and Comparative Law

17 Russell Square, London WC1B 5JP, UK



Simon Bishop

Partner, RBB Economics

Rond Point Schuman 6, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium


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