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About the Journal

Legal Ethics is an international and interdisciplinary journal devoted to the field of legal ethics.

The journal provides an intellectual meeting ground for academic lawyers, practitioners and policy-makers to debate developments shaping the ethics of law and its practice at the micro and macro levels.

Its focus is broad enough to encompass empirical research on the ethics and conduct of the legal professions and judiciary, studies of legal ethics education and moral development, ethics development in contemporary professional practice, the ethical responsibilities of law schools, professional bodies and government, and jurisprudential or wider philosophical reflections on law as an ethical system and on the moral obligations of individual lawyers.

Please click here for the latest publication dates for each of our Journals. Note, in 2014 there will be three issues of Legal Ethics: April, August (Special Issue) and December. Deadlines are December 31, 2013 for the April issue and August 31, 2014 for the December issue.

The Reports, Comments and Notes are free to access - to read them please click here:

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Volume 17 Issue 1

Volume 16 Issue 2

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Volume 15 Issue 2

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Volume 13 Issue 2

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