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About the Journal

Cape Town Convention Journal is an international review of the law and practice arising from the Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment. The Journal seeks to assist scholars, practising lawyers, judges and other government officials, and industry by providing information on and education about the treaty. Together with a comprehensive, digitised, and searchable repository of primary and secondary materials the Journal is at the heart of these informational and education objectives. The Journal focuses on in-depth, qualitative analysis of important or complex topics. The journal contains:

  • Editorial
  • Articles
  • Cape Town developments (new ratifications, implementing legislation, case law etc)
  • News from law schools involved in teaching the CTC as part of commercial law courses
  • Reviews and summaries of relevant CTC literature

The journal is the official journal of the Cape Town Convention Academic Project based at the University of Washington, School of Law and the University of Oxford, Faculty of Law, under the joint auspices of UNIDROIT and the Aviation Working Group.

The Editors welcome relevant submissions in the English language. The optimal length for articles is between 7500 to 15000 words, including footnotes. All articles will be submitted to peer review.

The journal is published once annually and reflecting the spirit of openness animating the Project, the Journal is available in electronic form at no cost through Ingenta Connent

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